Benefits of sustainablity

By Jonathan Graham, SGP Board of Directors

Benefits of being a sustainable company.

Being sustainable helps companies find the balance between the three pillars of sustainability of economic, environmental and social aspects to ensure a successful business, satisfied employees and reduced environmental impact. Starting on a sustainable journey will immediately provide positive impact. Start your sustainability journey and benefit:

  • Reduce operational costs from efficiency improvements
  • Increase productivity, quality, and profitability through product and process improvements
  • Expand customer base and access to new markets as a sustainable supplier
  • Strengthen employee engagement which can result in higher productivity and increased job satisfaction
  • Minimize environmental risks, social risks and likelihood of negative publicity through consistent commitment to sustainable practices
  • Establish reliable supply chains and increase levels of trust with customers, suppliers, and your community

For more information on advantages of establishing sustainability as a core of your company`s values and operations read “Why Sustainability Is Now the Key Driver of Innovation.” Harvard Business Review.


Sustainability goes beyond environmental concerns and looks at the well-being of the company. Once a company starts to consider its sustainability profile, environmental concerns will be easily addressed and solved.

Author: sustainagram

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) Board of Directors. TE Connectivity Industrial Senior Manager of Communications.

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